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Anushka upset with Kohli's letter to Sangakkara, says he hasn't written such a letter to her ever

24, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Indian captain Virat Kohli sending a heartfelt note to retiring legend Kumar Sangakkara hasn’t gone down too well with his girlfriend and Bollywood starlet Anushka Sharma.

Anushka has been mighty upset with Virat over the fact that he never wrote such a letter to her ever.

Virat at his romantic best
Virat at his romantic best

“I never knew Virat had such a soft side to him as well. So far I thought I was dating Arnab Goswami. It would have been so romantic had he written such a letter to me out of the blue,” Anushka told Faking News.

“Leave alone such messages, he never even whatsapps me those romantic quotes and forwards. I wonder what kind of a boyfriend is he?” she wondered, “Ab kya mujhe filmon se retire hona padega to make him write such a letter?”

“I hope he hasn’t taken the media bullshit of me affecting his game that seriously,” she hoped.

Anushka now intends to learn cricket in her spare time to spring up the emotional side of Kohli.

“Apparently just going to stadiums to show my love for the game isn’t enough. I think I ll have to be a cricketer to make him shower such words on me. And that too Rohit Sharma. Al least then Virat would care for me, speak on my behalf, fight for my respect with media in press conferences,” she argued.

Meanwhile latest reports claim that Anushka went straight to Colombo and told Kohli that they need to talk to which Kohli is reported to have said “Chal na. Kaam kar jaake. Abhi man nahi hai baat karne ka.”