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Apple employee fired from company for coming up with an idea of affordable smartphone

13, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

Even as iPhone X was unveiled and fans were speculating over the features of the next offering, one employee of the company was fired after he came up with the idea of affordable smartphone.

Sources say that the top management thought that the idea went against Apple’s policy of introducing overpriced products that people don’t really need.

The company feels that the idea for affordable smartphone is stupid and will hurt the brand.

The exit of the employee has raised many questions about Apple’s management but that somehow did not seem to have any effect on the stock market. Shares of the company saw a jump of 15% in price after the news of the sacking was made public.

In a press conference post iPhoneX launch, CEO Tim Cook addressed the issue as he took questions from the media and said that steps were being taken to ensure that such incidents donot happen in the future. The HR of the company has been asked to observe and report employees who show signs of being ‘economical’.