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Apple recalls all its Apple watches after they fail to detect the fall in Sensex

21, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Thank God it’s Friday! However, you won’t notice many people using this expression, especially today when the Sensex fell by more than 1000 points. The most impacted by this fall is Apple Inc, which had to recall its newly launched Apple Watch following the share market’s plunge. Apple Watch was recently launched with a brand new feature, namely – fall protection, but even Tim Cook wouldn’t have expected that this feature shall be brought to test so soon.

Soon after the Sensex dipped, many Apple Watch users complained that they did not receive any notifications on their watches and hence made huge losses in today’s market. Shocked by the failure of the fall protection feature, Tim Cook immediately called a meeting of all the senior executives of Apple, following which it was decided that all the Apple Watches be recalled.

Jignesh Patel, a share market trader, spoke to Faking News and expressed his anger for the Apple product. Jignesh said, “Look I bought the Apple Watch the same day as it was launched, and I bought it not to check the time but because of its latest fall protection feature. And today it failed to detect a fall. I am going to sell my iPhone X too. I am disappointed.”