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Archeologists find falling rupee while digging for ancient coins

28, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A team from Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) today accidentally stumbled upon Indian Rupee while trying to dig out some Mauryan coins at Tughlakabad region in South Delhi.

After excavating some 4000 meters into the earth’s terrain and coming across totally useless things such as Digvijay Singh’s conscience, thought process of Khaps, and Shahid Afridi’s birth certificate, ASI found something that caught their attention.

Rupee note
It’s value was falling when reports last came in

“There was a 1000-rupee note lying there with some moisture on it; it appeared like few tears from the eyes of Mahatma Gandhi’s face printed on it,” recalled a senior archaeologist.

“Despite it being a 1000-rupee note, the laborers didn’t pocket it and immediately handed it to us; looks like the news about falling value of rupee has affected them to the core,” a rather surprised member of the ASI team told Faking News.

Apparently the rupee was still in downward motion when the ASI team caught it. They immediately stopped it from moving further and tried to dig a bit more to see where it was heading.

“After digging 200 meters further, we discovered currencies of Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of the Congo,” disclosed the archaeologist.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram has hailed the brave move of the ASI in arresting the fall of Indian rupee and has blamed Pranab Mukherjee for not taking such steps earlier.