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Arindam Chaudhuri launches his own religion so that his sentiments are not hurt

16, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. To make sure that future crackdown on criticisms don’t attract further criticism, IIPM Dean and Management Guru Arindam Chaudhuri has decided to launch is own private religion – P’ism.

P’ism will be based on P’s that Prof. Chaudhuri likes to follow and promote. P’s such as Publicity, Promotion, Planning, and six others.

Arindam Chaudhuri's Book
Prof. Chaudhuri clarified that his religion will not be any cult, even though that happens to be the title of one of his best-selling books.

“I will also be a common follower of P’ism, at best a Guru, but not any God or Prophet of the new religion,” the IIPM dean clarified, “However, whatever I write or say will be seen as Holy Scripture.”

Prof. Chaudhuri said that once he launches the religion, any criticism or mocking of these holy scriptures will amount to hurting religious sentiments, which is censured by the Indian constitution.

“In India, the only thing you can’t criticize is religion, especially if it’s a religion followed by a minority group,” Prof. Chaudhuri explained the logic, “In fact, criticism of religion can be suppressed by terming it as ‘hate speech’. I don’t want to forego this luxury!”

The author of innumerable best-selling books expressed frustration that “hate speech” against him and his institute were not recognized as being such, and thus the only way left was to launch a religion.

“Haters will now go to jail,” he hoped, “My religion will not be affiliated or recognized by any major religious body, but I’m sure that it will attract many followers; just like IIPM.”