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Arnab wants Ajit Doval to be specific over which media outlet entertains him the most

05, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Ever since National Security Advisor Ajit Doval dubbed media ‘a very interesting entertainment’ for him, all ears eyes have been on ace anchor Arnab Goswami’s reaction, who had gone berserk over Gen VK Singh’s remarks over media.

However instead of getting upset and outraging at his statements this time, Arnab was irritated that Doval did not reveal the media outlet/news channel that entertains him the most.

“Tell me that Times Now entertains you the most, Mr Doval”

Arnab has asked Doval to be specific and reveal name of that channel, hence he will by default take it to be Times Now.

“Arnab sir is very competitive by nature. He wants to be number 1 and favorite everywhere, irrespective of the category. Therefore even with Doval, he wants Times Now and his show Newshour to be his favorite,” said Arnab’s personal listener.

Arnab is however infuriated that Doval advised media to keep national interest over everything else.

“Looks like Mister Ajit Doval doesn’t watch my sermons debates. Because if he had, he would have seen how I bring national interest even in debates about performance of cricket team in world cup,” the inventor of long range Maroof Raza Missile, Arnab told Faking News.

“Here I am running out of Pakistanis to ridicule and humiliate on Newshour and Mister Ajit Doval has guts to pass out such an ignorant statement,” he pointed.