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Artic Ice melting at a rapid rate, geologists blame the warmth between Modi and Sharif for it

09, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Washington: US Geological Society has today released a report on its finding related to the depleting Artic ice cover and the news is not good. As per the report the cover is depleting at the rate of 10% per day and the report squarely blames the meeting between Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif for this.

Nature cannot handle so much warmth. Hope the two leaders are listening.
Nature cannot handle so much warmth. Hope the two leaders are listening.

As per a Geologist, “The last few days have seen an increased melting activity in the region. Since the leaders have landed in Russia the temperature has increased by 5 deg C. We are worried that if they stay for a couple of days more, we may see the entire ice cover disappear. Global Warming is an inconvenient truth and we hope the two leaders would be considerate enough to look into it.”

The report also states that such an activity was observed on previous occasions too when there were bilateral meetings between Modi and Sharif. Geologists say that such bilateral meetings create a lot of warmth which is responsible for the rising global temperatures. But this time the situation is grave because Xi Jinping is also part of the meeting. Geological community is apprehensive and has urged the BRICS nation to address this issue on priority.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is happy that the reducing ice cover will give Russian oil companies access to the Artic region. In fact Mr. Putin is so happy that he trying all he can to extend the stay of the leaders in Russia. If sources are to be believed he has arranged a trip for PM Modi to visit all tourist places in Russia. Moscow is also planning a radio address of Mr. Modi and Russian President called ‘ModiPutin ke Mann ki Baat’.

Even if the meeting doesn’t yield anything, it would be termed as fruitful as long as it generates a lot of warmth.