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Ashwin offers to fund England's Indian tour so that he doesn't miss out on 40 wickets in the series

06, Nov 2016 By dasu

Chennai: Leading Indian spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin is nervous after he came to know BCCI has asked ECB to bear expenses for their team’s India tour. The reason is, if England team leaves India without playing test series, on his current form, he would be the biggest loser.

“Paise main de doonga”

One of the close friend of Ashwin spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. He said, “BCCI has nothing to lose as their accounts are frozen by supreme court and Lodha Committee. Any profit coming from the high profile series, they can’t take it. It is players like Ashwin who are at the peak of his career who will lose the most. Just imagine the five match series on these spin friendly wickets against the hapless English batsmn, at least 40 wickets he would lose out”.

He added, “This is the reason Ashwin has written a letter to ECB president and England team manager that he is ready to bear the expense. With IPL and chance to endorse so many brands, money has never been a concern for Indian cricketers”.

“Virat, who knows Ashwin and English batsmen will not allow him to bat for ten innings in the forthcoming series, has told Ashwin, he would be happy to share his burden. Time has come for him to settle the score with English bowling unit without Anderson”, said Ashwin’s friend.

However, English players aren’t too keen on the idea and won’t mind if the tour gets cancelled over monetary issues.