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Aspiring criminal watching all episodes of Crime Patrol

02, Aug 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. 23-year-old Akhilesh Rane has not missed a single episode of TV show Crime Patrol ever since he got hooked on to it around a year back. Rane hopes to commit a perfect crime by not repeating the ‘mistakes’ criminals make in the shows.

Crime Patrol
Akhilesh used to respect the show presenter a lot, but last week he saw him selling some stupid product in a late night telebrands show on some TV channel.

“Frankly, the episodes appear almost repetitive now, but I’ve learnt a few tricks,” Rane told Faking News while flipping pages of his notebook where he had taken notes after watching each episode.

“I think the police in our country know only one thing – analyzing mobile call and location records – rest of the investigation and analysis hasn’t been much impressive,” the aspiring criminal added.

“Yes, they also slap hard and beat up with dandas to get the truth out of the criminals,” Rane recalled.

“I think if I commit a crime without using a mobile phone and develop certain contacts that can save me from being slapped, I’m safe,” the wannabe criminal concluded.

Akhilesh said that earlier he used to watch crime shows on news channels but he found all of them useless.

“They just scream and act like TV actors, there is no content or learning,” the avid TV watcher claimed about the TV news channels of India.

“LOL! They can catch me even if I had committed a crime in my last birth,” Akhilesh opined about fictional crime show C.I.D on his favorite channel.