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Baba Ramdev creates "Kesariya Paachak Sev", an antidote to Maggie noodles that'll clean up the existing 'lead (Pb)' from your stomach

06, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi. In an innovative move, India’s herbal guru Ramdev Baba has reportedly created an antidote to Maggie noodles called “Kesariya Paachak Sev” which upon consumption can clean up the lead content accumulated over life time in a regular Maggie consumer’s stomach.

“Baba Ramdev during the ‘Eureka’ moment of Kesariya Paachak Sev invention.”

Faking News reporters at the capital heard about this invention and immediately rushed to Ramdev’s herbal laboratory where he had spent over a week to invent Paachak Sev. Reporters were able to catch up with his disciple at the lab and here’s what he said:

“One more jadibooti leaf got added to guruji’s herbal cap with Kesariya Paachak Sev‘s invention. Without any doubt, this will be counted as an all time great invention in food industry because of its Maggie anti-doting properties. Be it hostel students, lazy husbands or tender toddlers, everyone is to benefit with Paachak Sev. All they need to do is to cook Paachak Sev similar to Maggie but in a special Chooran in place of the toxic taste-maker,” disciple said.

“Once consumed, the very next poop-session will take away all the lead content from patient’s stomach and make it vigorous like it is originally supposed to be,” he added.

Tho bolo Baba Ramdev ki… (chorus) Jai!!!“, shouted the upcoming Baba Pudinhara as he went back into the lab to help Ramdev.

Meanwhile, Nestle India has directed all the unsold Maggi inventory towards lead (Pb) filtering industries with an intention of extracting the lead content from noodles and sell a purer version called “unleaded” noodles that’ll be available at a price 50% greater than Paachak Sev.