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Baba Siddiqui warns Trump not to interfere in his work after Trump wanted to mediate between Jadeja and Manjrekar

24, Jul 2019 By dasu

Mumbai: India’s biggest mediation expert Baba Siddiqui has warned Donald Trump not to interfere is his work. This happened after Trump said not only on Kashmir issue, to solve other personality clashes like between Jadeja & Manjrekar, Kangana and Hrithik he is ready to mediate.


“Doing Mediation is my work. I mark half of my yearly budget towards this philanthropic activity through numerous Iftar parties I host. Who gave you the authority to mediate in our matters?”, told Mr. Siddiqui while addressing a group of Bollywood reporters in front of his residence.

“He should focus on his job that he is doing for last three years. Have we ever interfered in his work?”, Baba added.

“He has already pissed off Iran who is now ready for a war. There are numerous other countries whom he can nudge and start a fight. Even if that is not enough, he can literally fight with his staff at White House, diplomats of different countries working at Washington”.

“Outside of China, India there are more than 200 countries against whom he can start trade war. So, from work perspective he has unlimited scope, toh mera kaam kyon chori kar raha hai Bhai”, Baba asked.

Baba also suggested if he does not find anyone suitable to fight, he will share Rangoli & Kanagna’s contact details. He can fight with the sister duo for next one year. “In that case both sides would be happy. Agar mere kaam mein Dakhal diya toh mein tera jeena haram kar dunga. Never forget I have good rapport with Melania and Ivanka too. Do not make me angry, just stay away”, told Baba in a direct warning to Trump.