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Bangalore cab driver fails to overtake BMTC Volvo bus, quits his job in shame

03, May 2015 By onesidedargument

Bangalore. In a bizarre incident that took place last night, a cab driver hailing from Madiwala quit his job in shame and he mentioned that he is never going to take up cab driving again with teary eyes.

Muniraj, a cab driver working with an MNC as daily transporter, was in his last trip for the day from ITPL to silk board. As it happens frequently, he spotted a 500ca route BMTC Volvo bus heading in the same direction and he started racing along with it. On a typical day he would’ve overtaken it in minutes time but this day was different. He tried really hard, very hard indeed but still failed to overtake it before reaching silk board.

They were neck to beck at one point of time.
They were neck to beck at one point of time.

Muniraj, who is known as Lewis Hamilton in his cab driver fraternity, couldn’t digest whatever happened with him. He started to sense that his speed coming down; he isn’t the same driver anymore. If fellow cab drivers find out about what happened, it would certainly degrade his image as Bengaluru cab driver. In the midst of all these thoughts, he decided to hang his keys and called it quits.

While Muniraj already decided to retire from the circuit, Bengaluru cab drivers association is planning to felicitate him for the contribution to the fraternity. He will be given the title “Quintessential Bengaluru cab driver”, and another chance to race the same Volvo driver. If reports are to be believed, that Volvo driver is already paid a bribe to take it easy and let Muniraj win.