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Bangalore IT company does ‘traffic jam test’, recruit those who can work for 10 hrs after sitting in jam for 4 hrs

20, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: A leading IT company in Bengaluru has added a new test, tentatively called ‘traffic jam test’ till HR team finds a better name. This test will be conducted for shortlisted candidates who clear the first round of technical test. They would be taken around the city minimum for four hours. After that they need to work for ten hours in office before they return home.


IT company claims they have software through which by looking at the data for one day, they can extrapolate and know how the candidate will behave say after one year, 5 years, 10 years.

“The reason behind this new test is find candidates who can cope with the stress one face in the Silicon Valley of India”, said Manmohandas Pai, HR head of the IT company while speaking to us.

Mr. Pai added, “Our recruitment team goes through the whole of India, close to 600+ engineering college to choose the talents we need for the company. I have seen many young engineers who join us with lot of enthusiasm, start losing their interest once they travel through Bengaluru traffic jams. It is natural for them to be stressed as on an average most of our engineers spend 4 hours on road every day. If it rains, then this number can go up drastically”.

“By doing this exercise we want to make it clear especially for our freshers and laterals who are new to this city, what is expected from them. If they feel, they have a better choice, let them choose that. We need people who remains committed, motivated throughout to keep our attrition rate low”, said Mr. Pai on the rationale behind this new ‘test’.

Lokesh P one of the fresher who got recruited after passing through this strenuous test, told us “Traffic jam is ok, but with 3 lacs per annum package I never thought my in-hand salary will be 15k per month. If they would have given me a copy of the expected in hand salary, I would have looked at ‘other’ options”.