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Bengaluru municipal corp to build mini-dams across potholes, hope to generate 300MW of hydroelectricity

19, Jul 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: The Bengaluru Municipal Corporation, which has once again shown its inability to deal with the water logged potholes in the city, is now planning to use them to generate electricity.

The proposed site of the first mini-Dam
The proposed site of the first mini-Dam

Sources say that the municipal corporation is planning to build dams across the city’s potholes and generate around 300MW of hydroelectricity. An out-of-the-box audacious move as touted by the authorities, that may not exactly bring cheer to commuters but will help the city deal with power outages.

Speaking to Faking News a senior official from the municipal corporation said, “We have been dealing with potholes quite some time and to tell you honestly there is little we can do about it. Now with these dams, waterlogged pot holes will be put to some good use.”

This is not the first time that the civic administration has put forth ideas for constructive use of potholes. Earlier suggestions of converting potholes to art installation, water-parks and so on saw enthusiastic response, only to fizzle out later.

Citizens, who have to put up with bad roads and civic apathy have welcomed the move. “Now we have once less headache to deal with

Meanwhile, political parties are already scrambling to take credit for the project. The ruling Congress govt. has already made it public that if the project is successful it will be named after Rahul Gandhi.