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Bangalorean files complaint against BMTC bus driver who affected his sleeping routine by reaching destination on time

08, Jan 2015 By madhura

Bangalore: Finally, a person has raised his voice against functioning of BMTC buses. Most of the Bangaloreans spend 9 hours at work and 4-5 hours travelling between workplace and home.

Mr. Confidential, a techie working for a leading IT company filed a complaint against a bus driver who reached destination 29 min earlier than he usually reach.

BMTC Buses
This is normal and what people are habituated to.

The incident was so unbelievable for the techie that he tapped his branded watch many times to check whether it was working or not. He even lost trust on his iPhone for a moment.

“Scientists  say, a human being should get at least 8 hours of sleep,” said Mr. Confidential adding that after spending long hours at office, normally he is left with only 6 hours of sleep time, so he used to compensate it while traveling.

But accidentally, the bus reached early which affected his daily routine.

Meanwhile, BMTC customer service branch has accepted his complaint. And they said as a compensation Mr. Confidential could enjoy services like ‘promised seat’ and ‘promised return change’ with ticket.