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Bangladeshi immigrants threaten to immigrate to Bhutan if power cuts continue

31, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Kolkata. With India drawing electricity from Bhutan after second successive grid failure in Northern and Eastern India, Bangladeshi immigrants in India have threatened that they will start immigrating to Bhutan if the power situation didn’t improve in the country.

Bangladeshi immigrants have also threatened to take out a rally if there was a hat-trick of grid failure

“We can’t go back to Bangladesh as we enjoy better civic rights and living standards as immigrants here, even if illegal,” said Mujib, a Bangladeshi immigrant living in Kolkata, “But if this power failure thing continues, we could think of relocating to Bhutan, which is giving India electricity.”

Bangladeshi immigrants claim that since India has financed the hydroelectric power projects in Bhutan, it’s their right to enjoy the fruits of the same.

With this threat, the government of India is confused and divided if they should resolve the issue of power grid failures. Some in the government feel that this could be a good opportunity to get rid of illegal immigrants, others don’t agree.

“They don’t need to go anywhere, we will provide them the shelter, and if possible, free electricity,” a Trinamool Congress leader declared, “We demand a roll-back of this treat.”

Team Anna has once again termed the power failure as a conspiracy to stop people’s “movement” while BJP is totally confused how to react.

“If we say we want quick solution to power cuts, it could mean we want to keep the immigrants back in India,” a BJP leader told Faking News on conditions of anonymity, “humaari toh batti gul ho gayi hai!”

Meanwhile Bhutan has asked China to make a great wall on Indo-Bhutanese border to stop illegal immigration.