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Barber busy looking at TV screen in saloon accidentally performs brain surgery on unsuspecting customer 

12, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

A barber in Uttar Pradesh, engrossed in watching TV, accidentally removed a tumor from the brain of the customer who had come to the saloon to get a hair cut.

The incident happened when the customer fell asleep and the barber had his eyes glued to the cricket match between India and Bangladesh. Unaware that his scissor had entered the head, the barber kept on snipping and in the process got rid of the tumor.

When the barber realized his mistake he quickly administered a stitch in time. All this while the customer was fast asleep.

It was later when a scan revealed the absence of tumor, the customer investigated and found out what happened.

The barber has been hailed a hero after the news was reported in local media. Many patients even lined up outside the barber shop to get their surgery done. “After the oxygen cylinder incident, it’s hard to trust doctors. They charge too much and there is a risk of botching  up the procedure. So why pay so much when I can get it done just for 50 Rs here,” said a patient waiting outside the saloon.

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Govt has announced a reward of 5 lakhs for the barber. BCCI too offered cash of 1 lakh as appreciation for watching the match.