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BCCI mulls having mini IPL matches for another week for benefit of fans suffering from 'withdrawal symptoms'

22, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

With IPL extravaganza coming to an end, may fans are already suffering from withdrawal symptoms, prompting the BCCI to consider having a mini-IPL for another week more till the Champions Trophy commences.


Speaking with Faking News a source from BCCI said, “The Champions trophy starts in a week, but fans are already anxious about what they’ll do in the interim period. We received requests from many fans asking us to arrange some event for a week, which will keep them occupied. Some of these fans were already showing signs of depression. So we thought of having a mini-IPL for the benefit of all the million fans.”

Sources say top 4 teams in the list of Fairplay awards will compete for the mini-IPL cup that will have 7 matches to be played in a week. “The mini-IPL will not only benefit the fans but it will also answer those who’ve been asking us as to what do the teams get by coming at the top of Fairplay list,” said a cricket expert.

With the announcement of mini-IPL, many heaved a sigh of relief. Many jobless youth for whom the 2 months of IPL is the only time to ‘be busy with something’, the mini-IPL is good news.