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Bengaluru auto driver who never refuses passengers and charges by the fare meter receives 1000 marriage proposals

26, Oct 2017 By @jurnoleast

Karthik Gowda, a rickshaw driver from Bengaluru has become a heart throb among woman looking to tie the knot. Karthik has received around 1000 marriage proposals after a local newspaper carried a story on him where he claims that he has never refused a passenger and always charged passengers by the meter.

His honesty and affability, something rare among rickshaw drivers in Bengaluru, has struck a cord with women across the city looking for a partner with similar qualities.

“It’s been 3 years since I joined an IT company in the city and I have had my share of bad experiences with these rowdy rickshaw drivers. But all that changed when I was hailed a rick the other day. The driver agreed even before I could tell him the destination. I almost fainted when he turned on the meter and accepted the fare displayed on it without cribbing,” said Neha Aggrawal, a software developer.

Many other women passengers had similar stories to tell and no wonder that has led to Karthik’s popularity skyrocketing.

Other rickshaw drivers however are not very pleased and are now planning to take this up with the Auto Drivers Union. “How can he do this to us. Overcharging, refusing passengers and being rude is our right. People like Karthik will ruin our business. In fact I realized that my auto had a meter after reading about his story in the newspaper,” said one driver.