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Bengaluru politician promises 'traffic free roads' in the city during campaign speech, mistaken to be a stand-up comedian by the crowd

07, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The current vehicle population in Bengaluru stands at 67.22 lakh. In the absence of an efficient public transport system, private vehicles dominate the city’s landscape. During every assembly elections politicians promised improved public transport only to disappoint later. Now, even the people are not taking the issue seriously and people who promise ‘traffic free roads’ are always mistaken to be stand-up comedians.


Mr. Lohit Shetty who is a MLA candidate from Bengaluru recently started his poll campaign and presented the party manifesto in fornt of the public. Lohit has been vocal about the current chaotic traffic conditions in Bengaluru and included the same in his campaign speech. Lohit conveyed that if given the reins of power in his hands he will make the roads congestion free in 1 year. This was the time when he was left embarrassed when people started laughing out their lungs. People thought that its just another comedy show by a stand-up comedian.

The comedy space in India is drastically expanding with new comedians coming on to the scene everyday. In such a scenario, its difficult to make out who is a stand-up and who is not. Our Faking News reporter caught up with one of the person present in the crowd, ” We have heard many jokes in life, but there is no bigger joke than making Bengaluru traffic free. That was the reason we mistook the politician to be a stand-up comedian. We loved the show. We know we will never get traffic free roads, but as long as we get such hilarious comedy shows, we wont complain.”

Lohit, meanwhile has asked his campaign team to remove all such jokes from his script. But after a research, it was found that the script had nothing but a series of jokes and if he goes ahead with any part of the script, it would surely turn out to be a comedy show.