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Bhuvneshwar Kumar's fans call a nation wide strike against his exclusion from the second Test

15, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: India’s team selection for the 2nd Test match against South Africa has attracted a lot of criticism after Bhuvneshwar Kumar was dropped for his good performance and it may bring the entire country to a grinding halt. A fan club of Bhuvneshwar Kumar has now called an all India strike on 18th of January to protest against this decision. The fans are demanding a CBI inquiry into this decision and are also seeking assurance that it won’t be repeated.

Dropped because of good performance

Speaking to the media at Jantar-Mantar, the leader of the fan club said ,”We know players are supposed to struggle during the 1st Test of an away series and Bhuvi made the mistake of performing well with both bat and ball but it doesn’t mean that you drop him immediately. At least give him a chance to fail. He may not be as consistent as Rohit but he has the potential.”

“This decision has made no sense to any of the cricket experts, past and present players, general viewers, nobody. Therefore, we seek a CBI probe so that the truth can come out in front of the people. The probe must be monitored by a Supreme Court judge, they will also do something meaningful instead of doing Press Conferences. If the government agrees to it, we can cancel the strike else we are bringing this country to a halt”, he added.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that Ajinkya Rahane fans may join this strike and ask CBI to find the logic behind playing Rohit over Rahane in South Africa.