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In a bid to re-enter BJP, Shatrughan Sinha found hiding behind TMC councilors in queue

29, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

A video showing Shatrughan Sinha standing behing TMC councilors while queuing up to join BJP surfaced on social media fanning speculations of him re-entering the BJP.


Around 50 councilors and few MLA’s from Trinamool Congress changed loyalties and joined the BJP. Apparently, Shatrughan Sinha wanted to make most of the situation and hoped that no one would notice him in the crowd.

Sources say that Sinha, who quit the part a days before the Lok Sabha elections, regretted his decision of joining the Congress and wanted to get back into the BJP.

The video shows Shatrughan taking cover behind a TMC MLA trying his best to not get noticed but with the video now going viral on social media, it seems his plan has received a setback.

Kailash Vijayvargiya, who was present on stage during the induction said, “I did not see Shantrughan Sinha. But if the video shows him, then it must be true. I have already apologized to our senior leaders for the oversight. We will have another round of induction where every member from TMC willing to join BJP will be properly screened.”

Mr. Sinha has been a vocal critic of BJP and its policies even while being a member of the party. When confronted with the news of jumping ships, he called it fabricated and said it was done to tarnish his image and label him a turncoat.

It was later found out that the viral video was fake and Mr. Sinha’s face was morphed using Samsung’s new DeepFake technology.

There creator of the video has not been identified yet, but cops are ready to assist Shatrughan Sinha if he files a formal complaint.