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BiggBoss makers agree that fight over Govt formation in Maharashtra has affected TRPs of their show

21, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Makers of popular reality show BiggBoss have hit out at political parties in Maharashtra for hogging the TRP ratings over last few weeks. The makers claim that since the election results have been announced the ratings of the show has plummeted and despite all the bickering and fights on the show, the rating refuse to improve.

maha govt

“We had a good run in the first couple of weeks. But since the results have been declared, there has been a significant drop in the TRP. And as per our market research team, this drop is solely due to the drama between the political parties. I we’d known that the govt formation will drag like this, we would have postponed the airing of the show,” said the show producer.

Viewers too preferred the Maha Govt drama over regular content on TV. Saa-bahu serials, KBC and BiggBoss took a backseat as Sanjay Raut’s statements provided more entertainment.

The drama has not escaped the attention of streaming giant Netflix, which is now planning to make a mini-series on the post results shenanigans of political parties. A representative for Netflix said that the political tussle had all the elements of a good web series that would make for a good weekend binge for viewers.