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Bilawal Bhutto adopts Pervez Musharraf as his father

17, Oct 2014 By Postman Chacha

Islamabad. In a strange twist of events, Bilawal Bhutto today announced that he was going to adopt Pervez Musharraf as his father. Reportedly, the child young Bhutto was impressed by the former dictator’s latest rant on Kashmir.

“Ab aap mere baap nahi hain”

“Banawenge banawenge, isko apna baap banawenge,” Bilawal declared earlier today.

When asked why was he taking such a step, which was stupid even by his own standards, he told Faking News that after listening to the the kind of statements Pervez Musharraf gives, and the number of times Kashmir is mentioned in them, he had no doubt that they shared the same DNA.

After this revelation, Bilawal reiterated that he was ready to take every inch of Kashmir from India thanks to a secret plan designed by him.

“I am buying large number of cranes sponsored by US and China funds. We will hook those to P.O.K and pull Kashmir out of India,” Bilawal said, with a grin that we are used to seeing on Rahul Gandhi’s face after his speeches.

Coming back to adopting Musharraf as his father, Bilwal further declared that he was looking for a female leader from Pakistan to give similar kind of speech, so as to complete his family.

We couldn’t get a response from Pervez Musharraf as he was arrested on Nawaz Sharif’s order and put in some place from where he was giving speeches on Kashmir when reports last came in.