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Bitti Mohanty regrets joining bank, says should have joined politics

10, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Kannur. Rapist on run Bitti Mohanty, who was found working in a public sector bank after changing his identity, has said that it was a bad decision to join a bank to escape the law.

Bitti Mohanty
Politics is giving him hope

He says he should have joined politics instead.

“Joining a bank just helped me hide my identity, while joining politics would have helped me hide my crime,” Bitty claimed.

Bitt further said that he should have chosen Suryanelli instead of Kannur as his place of hiding in Kerala.

“I could have claimed that the charges were politically motivated, and could have even blamed the rape victim,” said the man convicted of raping a German tourist six years ago.

However, all is not lost for Bitti, who has now given up on his banking career and is planning to join politics once he completes the rape sentence.

“I won’t run away from jail or law again. In fact, I’m I am looking forward to it as a nice experience for my footing in politics,” he told Faking News.

The above statement by Bitti has come as a reprieve to bankers all over the world, especially those from the US, who have pointed out that politics, not banks, remained as the last refuge of the scoundrel.