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BJP asks Election Commission to ban saas-bahu serials as they can influence voters

29, Oct 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Jabalpur. After Congress asked the Election Commission to hide lotus ponds in Madhya Pradesh as it could influence voters to vote for BJP, which has lotus as election symbol, BJP has demanded a ban on saas-bahu serials on TV as it can help Congress.

Pirate from a video game
The common man is happy that no political party’s election symbol is an eye, else they might have been asked to dress up like this during the elections.

“Our star campaigner and PM candidate Narendra Modi ji has compared the ongoing drama in India with saas-bahu-daamad serials. This has led to people associating Gandhi family with saas-bahu serials. And hence such serials are indirectly promoting Congress,” a local BJP leader, Kamal Chand claimed.

The leader went on to add that not only saas-bahu serials, even shows like Comedy Nights With Kapil, and Jodha Akbar should be banned in the state till elections are over.

“There is laughter in Comedy Nights With Kapil and there is Shehzaada in Jodha Akbar, both these TV shows indirectly promote Congress youth icon Rahul Gandhi,” Kamal explained.

“In fact, even Bigg Boss should be banned, it promotes Sonia Gandhi,” he further demanded.

When asked why they are not asking the Election Commission to direct people to wear hand gloves as it would hide Congress’ election symbol, the BJP leader said that the party was not that despo yet. However, he did suggest some other steps.

“Taxi drivers shouldn’t wipe the windscreens with clothes, and there should be no wipers allowed as well. Those movements totally resemble the way Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi move their hands while waving to the crowds,” Kamal told Faking News.