Wednesday, 29th January, 2020


BJP CM on odd days and Shiv Sena CM on even days: both parties push for rotational formula in Maharashtra

24, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Assembly election results are out and both Shiv Sena and BJP are staking claim on the CM’s seat. A political tug-of-war and started between the two parties over the who will reign over Mahrashtra. With speculations over Shiv Sena teaming with INC+, the ruling Fadnavis Govt is now doing its best to mitigate the situation.

Sources say that BJP is planning to propose a rotational formula for the CM post that will ensure that promises to keep the Sena happy.

“Nothings final yet. But we will look into the odd-even formula for the CM’s seat in Maharashtra. On odd days Devendra can occupy the chair and on even days Aditya can be the CM. Not sure if there is any provision for such an arrangement, but in the best interest of the people and the state we need to go ahead with this formula.,” said a senior BJP official.

However, Home Minister Amit Shah contradicted any such arrangement with the Shiv Sena. “Why do you people forget that I am still around and there is no need for such odd-even yet. I will meet Udhhavji once the final results are out and I am done with Haryana,” he said while speaking to our reporter.