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BJP introduces One Day Pass – become a member for 24 hours

30, Mar 2014 By Achu Pichu

New Delhi. BJP became the first party to announce a “One Day Pass” to its membership. Anyone can take this pass and become a member for 24 hours.

The decision was taken to avoid future embarrassment and confusion that arose after recent entry and exit of Pramod Muthalik and Sabir Ali.

Sabir Ali and Pramod Muthalik
The trendsetters

Determined to end this chaos and the questions in the mind of the public and the press, BJP leader Rajnath Singh formally inaugurated this scheme today.

“Now anyone can join us for a day and the membership will end by midnight automatically. There is no need to tweet or fight,” said Rajnath Singh in a press conference.

Apparently various personalities both in India and its neighboring countries are very keen to avail this facility before elections.

“BJP is a party with a difference. So we wanted to try it out,” one of them said, without wanting to be named.

What makes the one-day-membership more attractive is the buffet dinner organized by Nitin Gatkari for such joinees.

BJP President also gave indications about more such innovative schemes in the anvil.

“For example, we will launch Buy One – Get One Free scheme in Karnataka,” he said, apparently at the insistence of the Bellary Brothers.