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BJP leader fulfills his promise for 'Achhe Din', distributes 'Good Day' biscuits to voters

30, Aug 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

Good Days are here!
Good Days are here!

Hyderabad.  BJP leader K.K. Reddy is seen distributing ‘Good Day’ biscuits to voters who ask for ‘Achhe Din’ in Hyderabad.

As the BJP government completed 100 days recently, Mr Reddy claims that he is the first leader who has literally taken ‘Good day’s (Acche Din) into the hands of common people and thereby fulfilling party’s manifesto.

“I kept my promise. I am very proud of  it. I feel great when I see my voters having Good Days,” he said while watching his voters having the biscuits that were just given to them.

“As a politician, I stand on my promises and I want to show that to my voters. I will also bring the black money back.  I have already ordered five buckets of black ink and bunch of 1 rupee coins,” he added.

While the BJP leader was distributing Good Day biscuits, some AAP local leaders were seen holding banners complaining that the Good day biscuits they received were corrupted.

“There are no cashews in my biscuits and they taste the same as the old UPA biscuits,” complained an AAP leader.