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BMC to earn revenue by using CCTV network to inform women about ‘Sale display’ at retail outlets

19, Aug 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: BMC has been off-late taking measures to ease the process of doing business and also find out ways to earn more revenues. In the latest meeting held on Friday, BMC has decided to install CCTV cameras across the city which would help them search for amazing discounts at the retail stores and notify the women in the city who then can go shopping there.


The live feed of CCTV cameras across the city will be provided to customers who subscribe to the service. The cameras will be strategically located in and around the retail stores which sell clothes, bags, accessories and other items which women are fond of.

The subscription charges of the CCTV footage will be decided after doing the cost analysis of the network setup. The offering may come as a bad news for online retailers as women will find cheaper alternatives within the city itself. The designing process of the network will start soon and the BMC also invites applications from the retails stores who want visibility in the CCTV footage. This is a good way for them to increase revenue in the days of online selling boom. This way BMC will have a two-fold earning both from the sellers and buyers.

The installation of CCTV though will take some time as the vehicle carrying the CCTV equipment has to navigate through the pothole-filled roads of Mumbai which are also handled by BMC. But the BMC has promised that the increased revenue through the CCTV initiative will help them get funds to repair roads across the city.