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BMC official scheduled to defend monsoon preparations on news channel arrives 5 hrs late after his car gets stuck in Pothole

02, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: In what is a bad advertisement for Mumbai’s claim to be India’s financial capital of India, normal life and traffic was thrown out of gear and waterlogged roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic jams were seen in most parts of the city on Monday. BMC officials though are defending the corporation’s monsoon preparations and are working full time reaching all news channels and putting their case forward. Shwetank Srivastava, the chief Engineer for roads was scheduled to do the same on Faking News channel but reached 5 hrs late as his car got stuck in a big pothole.


When asked about the sorry state of roads in the maximum city, Shwetank was quick to point that some potholes have become heritage sites and it is difficult to plug those as they increase the charm of the city during the monsoons. Another point which he made was that potholes help people recognize a particular road and help them reach home safely;y, so it works like a landmark. Potholes also provide small swimming pools to the poor kids and people living on the roads. Asked about why he was stuck for 5 hrs when the preparations were good as he claimed, Shwetank responded in a positive manner saying that, the incident helped him identify one more heritage site in Mumbai and will soon call politicians to inaugurate the site.

We should be thankful to BMC employees like Shwetank that a severe condition like heavy rainfall is also converted to something positive for the city which is habituated in showing its spirit whenever the need arises. The MeT department also said that continuous rain/thundershower is likely to occur in city and suburbs with heavy to very heavy rain fall at a few places in the next 24 hours so go out there and find more heritage sites.