The boy who always wanted to do ‘electronics’ opts for ‘civil’ after seeing girl’s branch sitting next to him

20, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bhubaneswar: Tanmay Nanda, slogged throughout the year to get a decent rank in JEE 2017 so that he can pursue his dream of doing Electronics and Communication engineering course from a reputed engineering college. Much to the surprise of his family & friends, at the counselling center, Tanmay changed his mind at the last minute, opted for civil instead.


“After talking to the girl, Neha, who was sitting next to him for half an hour and looking at the branch she has opted for, Tanmay felt in current economic environment, civil makes ‘much’ more sense to him”, said Sukumar, childhood friend of Tanmay.

“I am his friend for last fifteen years, we are studying together from kindergarten days. Prepared for JEE together, both of us all along talked about doing ECE from a top college together. Just look at him, did not have basic courtesy to inform me that he is changing his branch option”, said upset looking Sukumar.

Sukumar added, “For last two weeks since JEE results are out, we talked to our seniors, did so much research which college is good for ECE. Now what he has done, went for a college which is far from our hometown. He tells me, Neha gave him some facts about the college which is in her hometown. The facts he claims we could have never found through Google”.

“I don’t have any problem with civil engineering. However, it really hurts when he says in front of everyone that ECE is no engineering, actual engineering is civil”, said Sukumar who has opted for ECE in another college.

Tanmay shared the idea behind opting for civil. “Always wanted to do something for my country. Feel, with civil I will have more scope to participate in programs like Bharat Nirman”, said Tanmay.

Tanmay, who was super excited to have a fun filled first day at the college, became restless when he did not find Neha there. While enquiring about her, he came to know, Neha got good scholarship from University of Auckland, so she went there.