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Boy named Sushil Shinde copies in exam, fails, blames faulty chits

01, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Solapur. Sushil Kumar Shinde, a student of 8th standard at Upahaar Vidyalaya, today blamed incorrect and incomplete chits that he had used for copying in his exams after he was declared failed in the final examination.

Shinde, discharging his duties.

“This is not my fault; but my elder brother, who gave me those chits, should be held responsible,” Shinde claimed, “I just wrote down blindly whatever was written in the chits while cheating during the Civics paper. I didn’t know that wrong answers were written in the chits!”

Shinde further claimed that his responsibility was limited to cheating in the exams – a task at which he didn’t fail.

“I was not caught by the instructor and I copied everything from the chits, so I can’t be blamed!” he insisted and refused to apologize.

He even demanded a probe into how the chits were found to be carrying wrong answers.

“At best, I regret that I didn’t double check the chits,” Shinde later toned down his statement while taking to Faking News.

While many have expressed shock over Shinde’s statements, Shinde is hopeful of getting a clean chit in the cheating case.

“I can do anything for Principal Madam. If Madam asks me to shoot, I will, and I will shoot to kill,” he explained why he was hopeful that Sonia Sharma, Principal of the school, will promote him to 9th standard despite his poor performance.