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Boys should be sent to jail at a young age to control crimes: Baap Panchayat

10, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Jind, Haryana. After Khap Panchayat advocated marriage at a younger age for girls to control incidents of rape in Haryana, another Panchayat has advocated jail to boys at a younger age so that all kinds of crimes could be controlled in the society.

“Girls being married off at a young age might stop rape, but what about murders, abductions, theft, riots, and other crimes that are mostly committed by men, irrespective of their marital status?” posed Buddhi Tau, an elderly person claiming to represent “Baap Panchayat” – an association of concerned fathers.

Juvenile delinquency
Baap Panchayat has suggested that the society should stop outraging at such scenes when a minor boy is beaten up for petty theft as this could control crimes in the country

“That’s why we believe that these young felons should be reined in as early as possible,” Buddhi said, “Put these guys in jail when they commit their first crime, say at the age of 8 or 9, when they steal money from their fathers’ pockets or beat up younger boys while playing cricket.”

Just like Khap Panchayat demanded a change in legislation to allow marriage of young girls, Baap Panchayat too demands a constitutional change that does away with “juvenile homes” for boys.

“Put them straightaway into jails with hardened criminals and beat the crap out of them,” Buddhi Tau suggested the remedy for controlling crimes in the society.

When asked if this won’t destroy the childhood and emotional growth of boys, Tau told Faking News, “Do you think marriage at an early age won’t have that effect on girls? If politicians and even women’s organizations can find merit in early marriage for girls, why not early jail for boys?”