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Boy's thumb gets reduced by an inch due to excess scrolling of phone screen

14, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Recently a strange news has been sighted in India where a boy has lost an inch of his thumb due to excess scrolling his phone screen.

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A survey conducted in United States reveals that people of age between 20 and 40 spend on an average 12 hours a day looking and scrolling their phones. Calling it an alarming situation, Doctors across the globe have held usage of phone responsible for various neurological problems.

Adtiya, 27 works in a software firm and is on bench from past six months. Last month Aditya noticed that his phone is not working properly but after visiting the service center several times he learned that problem is not with his phone but with his thumb. Aditya visited doctor who took measurement of his right hand thumb and asked him to visit again after 15 days and also asked him to follow the same routine. After 15 days when doctor again took his measurement doctor observed that Aditya has lost half an inch of his thumb. Doctor concluded that it’s happening due to excessive scrolling of his phone screen.

After losing eyesight due to excessive use of phone, people are now losing thumbs too. It’s time research and development teams of phone companies start figuring out better options and come up with something like portable thumb and eyes.