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Brigadier Suryadev Singh to be honored with gallantry award on I-Day for removing fuse conductors from missiles with bare hands

15, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

For his heroics of removing fuse conductors from missiles with bare hands and thereby thwarting attempts of Gaindaswamy to destroy the country, Brigadier Suryadev Singh will be honored with a gallantry award this Republic Day.

The announcement was made by no other than the President himself while addressing the nation on the eve of I-Day. “It is time we recognize the contribution of Brigadier. Honoring him will set the right precedent and instill a feeling of patriotism in every citizen of the country.”

While speaking a few words in honor of Brigadier, Inspector Wagle his colleague said, “He removed the conductors with his bare hands and without any technical knowledge of how missiles work. We need more people like him to counter these desh ke dushman.” 

Though the current whereabouts of Brigadier Suryadev Singh are not known, sources say that given the security threat to his life he might make an appearance in disguise to receive the award.