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Buffalo chewed Azam Khan’s brain before he made Kargil statement

09, Apr 2014 By 0mar Abdullah

Jalalabad. The mystery behind Azam Khan’s claim that Kargil War was won because of efforts of Muslim soldiers only appears to have been solved.

Sources close to the leader tell Faking News that Khan had lost his brains just before addressing the rally where he made these claims.

Accused buffalo.

“When Azam Sir was about to leave for the rally, one of his buffaloes jumped over him. Before we could do anything, the buffalo chewed his brains!” revealed an aide of the Samajwadi Party leader.

Although buffaloes are known to be vegetarians, the incident has left everyone as confused as they were confused after Azam Khan’s statement.

“I don’t think the buffalo was hungry and wanted bheja-fry,” an expert claimed, “Cows and buffaloes love chewing stuff while sitting idle, and they might have found Azam Khan’s brain an attractive timepass.”

Unconfirmed sources further say that once Azam Khan’s brains went missing inside the buffalo’s mouth, his doctors quickly picked up some dung (gobar) and temporarily filled Mr. Khan’s cavity in the head.

Latest reports say that doctors have recovered the brain from the buffalo and are trying to put it back where it belonged.

“But it might not create any perceptible difference,” a doctor told this reporter on conditions of anonymity.