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Buoyed by Dangal's success, Aamir to release all his old films in China, will start with Mela

14, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Aamir Khan starrer Dangal is breaking all the records in China since its release last month. The film has grossed well over 1,000 crores in China and is still going strong. Buoyed by this unprecedented success, Aamir Khan has decided to release all his old films there. As per sources close to the actor, he is going to start with his masterpiece ‘Mela’.

Coming soon to China!

Speaking to Faking News, a close aide of the actor said ,”Aamir Khan is really popular in China these days thanks to Dangal. This is time for us to capitalize on that popularity and maximize our profits. Therefore, we will release all of his masterpieces there as soon as possible. We have decided to begin with Mela since that was easily his greatest work but wasn’t appreciated enough in India. Hopefully, it will make the 1000 Crores it deserves in China.”

“Many Chinese people thought Dangal was a comedy after watching it. If they found Dangal to be a comedy film, they will absolutely love the unintentional hilarity in Mela. We won’t be surprised if it ends up breaking Dangal’s record”, he added.

However, some experts believe that the newly opened Chinese market will close forever for Bollywood if they end up seeing Mela.