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A CA with over 10 years' experience deactivates his account to avoid questions on GST

04, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

One of the biggest economic reforms, GST , rolled out on the midnight of 30th June. PM Modi in his speech mentioned that GST is Good and Simple Tax, but people don’t seem to be agreeing with the new abbreviation. GST isn’t as simple as it initially looked. Many experts have failed to explain it. One of the most popular social media accounts of a CA deactivated to avoid questions and enquiries on GST.


Twitter account, @Invincible_CA was famous for answering tax related queries on daily basis. But on Monday, the person behind the account, Amitabh Panama, wrote an emotional open letter and deactivated his account. Account’s bio reads “Taxopedia, अगरटैक्स से जुड़े किसी सवाल का जवाब  दे पाऊँ तो बीच चौराहे में मेरे फ़ोन पर आग लगा देना|” and his location was “Tax Haven”. Reportedly Amitabh Panama was last seen in a library with a dozen of books on Indian Tax System.

Amitabh went offline for hours after a person asked him “How much tax I am supposed to pay if I order my food at 11PM of 30thJune and bill arrives after 00 hours of 1st July? Amitabh in his open letter wrote “I have never felt this uninformed before, it’s very depressing for me. I read too much about GST but I couldn’t tell its full form correctly let alone other details. I am deactivating but will come back stronger than ever”.

The main aims of GST are to bring maximum people under tax purview and make one tax system for the entire nation. Even if a common man doesn’t understand it completely but complies with it with the faith that it will benefit the nation then nobody can stop India from becoming the fastest growing economy of the world.