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Call drop will not affect your chances of taking a selfie: Telecom Company to Modi

26, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: After PM Modi expressed serious concern about the issue of call drop, Telecom major Infitel has replied back saying that PM can still take selfies without network.

Selfie time again
Selfie time again

Speaking to Faking News, a spokesperson from the company said, “PM Modi is unnecessarily worried about call drops. As far as we know, PM has uses his smartphone only for taking selfies. We don’t know why it has to be escalated. Even without any network Modiji can take pics.”

“Good network requires good infrastructure. Why doesn’t the PM announce package for us too like he does for his electorate?” he questioned.

Apparently, telecom companies are not taking this lightly. Top management of all the major telecom companies are planning to take selfies standing next to mobile towers and send it to PMO to bring up the issue of poor infrastructure.

Telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was not available for comment; however BJP President Amit Shah shared his thoughts on this issue.

“Let them protest we don’t care. Telecom companies are doing this because we didn’t support them on net neutrality. Support dena aur nahi dena toh politics me laga rehta hai,” said Amit Shah while running on his treadmill, still incensed by Lalu Yadav’s comment about his weight.