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CAT taker files RTI to know his friend’s percentile

09, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. IIM aspirant Rajat Krishna has sent an application to all the IIMs under the RTI act, demanding to know the exact percentile his “friend” Kapil Gupta has got in the common admission test (CAT), results for which were announced earlier today.

CAT 2012 scorecard
Rajat was successful in finding out CAT Registration Number of Kapil, but he failed to get his percentile from the IIM-CAT website. Rajat believes that Kapil had used a secret email addresses to keep his percentile secret.

“No way could he have got more than 25 percentile, but he is bragging to have got 92.13% percentile,” complained Rajat, who got 89.99 percentile.

Rajat claimed that it was his fundamental right to know the CAT score of his friend, because his “life” depended on this piece of information.

The first year unemployed was forced to file an RTI enquiry after his father wondered how Kapil could score more than him.

“Dad told me that I was not serious about my career!” the 20-year-old shared his frustration with Faking News, “All due to that liar!”

Always suspicious over the claims, Rajat was convinced that Kapil was lying when he read the following status update by Kapil on Facebook: “92.13 percentile! Not bad, but will try to do better next year. Won’t settle for anything less than IIM Ahmedabad. MBA plans postponed for a year.”

“Dude, he had been visiting campuses of random b-schools collecting prospectus,” Rajat claimed, “He would have settled for admission even to a b-school that dared to think beyond the IIPM – he was so desperate!”

“His real percentile clearly is so hopeless that he can’t get admission even in any half-decent b-school,” Rajat asserted, “And guess what! His fake status got 75 likes including one by Juhi!”