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CBI shifts its headquarters outside Karti Chidambaram's house, says it would be easier to carry out regular raids

01, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

In a press release the CBI today notified that it has shifted its headquarters from Delhi to the lane just outside Karti Chidambaram’s house.

The decision was taken so make it easier for them to conduct raids on Chidambaram junior. Speaking to Faking News a senior official from the agency said, “At the moment we are focusing on Karti Chidambaram’s money laundering case. It was a bit difficult for our officers to follow him around. So we have decided to shift our headquarters.”

Sources say that the investigating agency had previously planned to have its officers dressed as hawkers and beggars and then spy on Karti.

The move face severe criticism from Congress party which called out the CBI for hounding honest businessmen and letting scamsters like Nirav Modi go scot free.

NCP Chief Sharad Pawar too lashed out at the BJP at Halla Bol rally and said that corruption during UPA rule was far better. “The people of the country are fed up of Ache Din and want the old Bure Din back. At least the accused didn’t have to flee the country when Congress ruled,” he said while addressing supporters.