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CBI stumbles upon 1 rupee coin used by Gurgaon Police to toss and decide if a person is guilty or not

10, Nov 2017 By @jurnoleast

Amongst other set of evidence which the CBI has managed to find pertaining to the Ryan School murder case, the agency revealed that it also stumbled upon a 1 rupee coin used by Gurgaon Police.


As per CBI sources this coin is frequently used by police to decide if a suspect is guilty or not. “In the course of our investigation when we questioned few cops as to on what basis did they arrest the bus conductor in the murder case they handed me the coin and explained the procedure of tossing it and arriving at a decision,” said the source.

“Apparently they also have a ferris wheel like the one used in casinos with pictures of convicts. The cops spin the wheel and then decide whom to put behind bars. They say this jugaad saves time and is godsend when the pressure to hunt for the perpetrator is intense,” he added.

It is not yet clear as to how many cases have been solved using this jugaad but sources say that it is an overwhelming number close to 70%.

Senior police officials however dismissed the news report.