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CCTV manufacturers gives two weeks deadline to Delhi government to buy 15 lakh cameras

11, Feb 2015 By God

New Delhi. Overjoyed with absolute majority to the Aam Aadmi Party, the electronic devices manufacturers have started manufacturing CCTVs in bulk, banking on promise made by the most honest person.

People in CCTV camera manufacturing business celebrating AAP victory.

In a joint meeting addressed by representatives of big organizations, a common consensus has been reached where the manufacturers will produce 15 lakh CCTV cameras in the next couple of weeks and all will be sold to Delhi government at market price without negotiations.

Many manufacturers have even put on hold huge pipeline of other electronic devices just to make sure Delhi gets all it needs.

Where as overall the sentiment among the established manufacturers is positive, many new players are very excited to enter the market.

Market experts say, they are expecting many startups in CCTV camera manufacturing business to surface up in next few days.

Meanwhile, reacting to the news, AAP spokesperson pointed, “And people used to call us anti-business party.”