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CCTVs installed in train to nab the robbers who committed the previous robbery gets stolen

28, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The next time the Indian Railway rolls out a new train, it might as well come out with a manual for rail passengers on how to treat government property. Number of passenger amenities had been reported stolen from the Varanasi-Vadodara Mahamana Express, a high profile train that was flagged off by Prime Minister. Railways which immediately installed CCTV cameras in all coaches to avoid such happenings in future got a shocker of a life time when it learnt that the cameras were stolen today.


Rail officials, who are clueless about who stole the passenger amenities, believe that it must be the work of some passengers, who have scant regard of public property. CCTV cameras were the only way to instill fear in the mind of the robbers but with the cameras getting stolen, the Railway board doesn’t have any solution to tackle the growing incidents of thefts in trains. Piyush Goyal who had been given the task of making train journeys safer has been left clueless after incidents of robbery in many trains.

The robbers are so arrogant that they were seen showing gestures towards the CCTV cameras before removing them. Government has requested the railway police to intervene in the matter and has asked them to search each and every passenger after they have reached their destinations. Piyush Goyal has also announced that the railways is so afraid about the thefts that they have decided to remove CCTV cameras from all places because if those get stolen it will be a huge loss for the Railways which is already reeling under pressure financially. Passengers in the Tejas Express which had also reported incidents of robbery will not be given earphones, LED screens and other facilities anymore.