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Censor Board CEO asks Facebook to include anti-smoking disclaimers in user movies

06, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Saddened with Facebook movies becoming a rage online and enraged with Facebook’s failure to get it certified, the newly appointed CEO of Khap Panchayat Censor Board in India, Rakesh Kumar has threatened Facebook India of banning all these movies which don’t carry the compulsory anti-smoking disclaimer in the beginning.

Dhumrapan Nished.
Dhumrapan Nished

“I logged into my FB account yesterday and was flooded with Facebook movies and none of them had Censor board certification, nor were they shown to me before being released online. As I got over the shock of that, I saw all the movies started were without the mandatory anti smoking disclaimer,” said Rakesh Kumar who looked angry as hell.

Rakesh Kumar also lambasted Facebook for failing to include disclaimers like “no animals were harmed in the making of this film” in the pics clicked with pets and accused them of child labour/abuse for having pics of newborns in the movie.

“I saw so many honeymoon pics in the movies without Adult (A) certification. There were no subtitles in hindi for the pics that were taken abroad or had onsite engineers appearing to say something with newly acquired accent,” he went on to add.

“THIS IS NOT OUR CULTURE,” he further screamed.

Rakesh has now asked Facebook to incorporate few more changes before expecting some leniency from his end.

“They may customize it by empowering individuals on Facebook and asking to include suitable warnings/disclaimers or do whatever it needs to stop this menace. That’s completely there headache. But I am not going compromise on our rich values and culture,” signed off Rakesh before leaving to watch mata ka jagrata on Aastha Channel with good friend Alok Nath.