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Centre makes Aadhaar mandatory to apply for Aadhaar

12, Apr 2017 By electroman

Applying for a new Aadhaar card may require you to have an Aadhaar card in the first place if the Govt has its way. Sources reveal that Govt may soon come out with a notification in this regard and make it mandatory for citizens to produce an Aadhaar card while applying for a new one.


A Senior Govt official spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity and said, “Yes it’s true. We are in the process of reducing the burden of carrying multiple ID proof’s on the common man. Aadhar card will suffice as ID and address proof. No need of additional paper work. One card to rule them all.”

The news of Adhaar for Aadhaar has has got the general public scratching their heads and wondering if this was an April Fools joke. “I went to get my Aadhaar card done last week and the gentleman at the enrollment center wanted to see my Aadhaar card as my address proof. No amount of reasoning helped. I spent around half an hour laughing at him thinking it to be some kind of a joke. But later realized that he was serious,” said  Pammy Ahuja, a South Delhi resident.

Opposition parties lashed out at the Govt and even called the latest move as signs of ‘Emergency’. Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi was vocal in his criticism and said the ‘Aadhaar for Aadhaar’ reminded him of the movie Inception.

Meanwhile a certain CM made it mandatory for married people to make Aadhaar submission at the nearest Panchayat office before leaving for honeymoon.