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Chandigarh MP candidates Kirron Kher and Gul Panag to act as saas-bahu in a movie

26, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Chandigarh. City Beautiful’s Member of Parliament candidates Kirron Kher and Gul Panag have been offered role of saas-bahu in movie under famous Bollywood production house, Gajrajshri Productions.

Kirron Kher Gul Panag
Clash of the Titans

Both the actresses caught attention of the production house after a minor Twitter fight.

“We were looking for a similar pair to cast in our upcoming movie – Tu daal daal, main paat paat – where a saas-bahu duo is always at odds with each other. When it comes to acting, both are superb. And now with this elections and all, even in public eyes they are enemies of each other, which will be very beneficial for movie promotion,” said Gajrajshri Productions’ head.

Reportedly, both Gul Panag and Kirron Kher have happily signed the movie contract as they thought that a bit more drama can only help their electoral fortunes.

Announcement of the movie has further heated up the ground campaign in Chandigarh. Elections experts are predicting that Chandigarh is going to be the second most talked about constituency after Varanasi.

However, their decision to do roles of saas-bahu has created rift in families of Chandigarh.

“Earlier our whole family was going to vote for BJP. But now, my wife is supporting AAP’s candidate Gul Panag while my mother is supporting BJP’s candidate Kirron Kher,” rued Bajlit Singh, a resident of Sector 17.