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Chennai railway station authorities to replace 'Beware of Thieves' sign with 'Beware of Auto drivers'

03, Feb 2015 By Abhishek B Sharma

Chennai: Chennai Central and Egmore Railway station authorities have decided to replace all sign boards in the station premises which read ‘Beware of thieves’ to ‘Beware of auto drivers’.

M. Mani, an official of the Southern Railways on being asked for a byte said, “This is a welcome move. This would benefit the people who are new to the city. The railway stations are safe and there has been negligible amount of cases on theft. The auto-rickshaw fares are equivalent to a daylight robbery, hence the  precautions.”

On their way to loot passengers.
On their way to loot passengers.

The railway terminals of Chennai – Central & Egmore have always been a cause of concern because of high auto fares. Anybody new to the city would always find it inconvenient to fetch an auto ride to their destination.

R. Gowda, a frequent visitor to the station exclaimed, “I paid Rs. 150 to get to Chennai from Bangalore, but I have to pay Rs. 500 to reach Adyar from the station. This is ridiculous! I hope the new signs reduce the awry of passengers to this station.”

Sankar, an autodriver we found in the premises explains, “I used to be a pickpocketer roaming on the platforms of the station, but I could never make enough money. Ever since I became an auto driver, it became easy for me to fleece off passengers. People could neither understand the local language, nor did they have any idea about the distances. Luckily for me, some of them are also a combination of both. Now with the new sign boards coming up, it is going to be a testing time for us. We will still remain hopeful.”