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Chennai Super Kings enter World Cup 2015 Semi Finals as wild card entry

23, Mar 2015 By fakedust

Dubai. In an extremely unforeseen and bizzare turn of events, the ICC announced Chennai Super Kings a wild card entry in the World Cup Semifinals. It was announced through a press conference called in the evening suddenly.

To quote the ICC spokesperson, “Apart from South Africa not choking still, this World Cup will see another difference, that being 5 teams entering into the semis.”

“Hello World Cup”

When asked about the new schedule of semis due to this addition, he remained quiet. However, as per the information from our close sources, the semifinal tie of CSK will certainly not be against India, as that potential match is being pushed quietly for the finals.

The CSK management celebrated the announcement by burning crackers and singing “mauka mauka”. The management has confirmed that whatever the rules might be, MS Dhoni will lead both India and CSK in the semis, and this will happen even if the final sees India against Chennai Super Kings.

A personnel from the CSK management said, “It is well deserved, we are certainly better than teams like West Indies and Bangladesh”.

Talking about Bangladesh, over excited people there were seen learning the art of protesting from archived videos of a chief minister in India. They are planning to cross the Indian border to oppose this decision. Though this is not something to be concerned about, they have been crossing our border since ages.

Meanwhile, the BCCI has given a strong response to Bangladesh’s claims of India having bought the umpires, saying, “What if we buy the Bangladesh Cricket Board today and make you guys worth playing!”